I am a research scientist on the Math of Data Science team at Pacific Northwest National Lab, in the National Security Directorate. I have research interests in interpretability, the science of deep learning, and robustness.

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EMNLP '23 Understanding the Inner Workings of Language Models Through Representation Dissimilarity
Davis Brown, Charles Godfrey, Nicholas Konz, Jonathan Tu, Henry Kvinge
ATTRIB NeurIPS '23 (oral) Attributing Learned Concepts in Neural Networks to Training Data
Nicholas Konz, Charles Godfrey, Madelyn Shapiro, Jonathan Tu, Henry Kvinge, Davis Brown
HiLD ICML '23 On Privileged and Convergent Bases in Neural Network Representations
{Davis Brown, Nikhil Vyas}, Yamini Bansal
NeurIPS '22 On the Symmetries of Deep Learning Models and their Internal Representations
{Charles Godfrey, Davis Brown}, Tegan Emerson, Henry Kvinge